2003 Conversion in Stuart, FL

Last Updated: 6/24/2017

Asking Price: $2,500

Key Camper Facts

  • Model Year: 2003
  • Trim / Maker: E350
  • Odometer: 330,000
  • Engine: Not Listed
  • Transmission: Automatic

Ad Information

  • Ad Source: Craigslist
  • Location: Stuart, Florida
  • Contact Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: Not Provided
  • Email: Send Message


More Details & Photos

Selling a Ford e-350 cargo van that has been converted to a camper. I built shelves and a kitchen area into it. It has solar panels, batteries, inverters, LED lights, and a mini fridge. It also has a propane stove and sink. I’ve had a good time living in it for the past year. I work at Jiffy Lube, so I have been able to maintain it very well.

KBB shows the value at $1977, but that doesn’t include all the equipment that went into the conversion which was around $3000. Please come take a look and take it for a test drive!

The engine has 174000 miles on it.
The transmission has 334000 mile on it.

Solar Panels
LED Lights
Propane Stove
Cast Iron Cookware
5 Gallon Water Tank with Pump
Twin Size Mattress
Battery Jumper
Built in shelves and counter

Service and maintenence:
Regular oil changes
regular fuel treatment

Within the past year:
transmission flush
coolant flush
tire rotation
brake check
oil change
wiper blades


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