1990 E150 Elite Surrey, BC

Last Updated: 6/18/2017

Asking Price: $6,800

Key Camper Facts

  • Model Year: 1990
  • Trim / Maker: E150 Elite
  • Odometer: Not Listed
  • Engine: 6 Cylinders
  • Transmission: Automatic

Ad Information

  • Ad Source: Craigslist
  • Location: Surrey, British Columbia
  • Contact Name: Nick
  • Phone: (604) 576-9931
  • Email: Send Message


More Details & Photos

1990 ford camper van 150 Elet,

it has aprox 200.000 miles on it,

with exel tires whit spere,

new front breckes shoes and drum’s,

nice kitchen lay out, Fritch,

4 burner coking area,

I buy it aprox 3 monts ago,.,

but my healt stop’s me from taking it up Contry,

I can not get in to it


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