1988 E150 in Vancouver, British Columbia

Last Updated: 9/27/2016

Asking Price: $5,725

Key Camper Facts

  • Model Year: 1988
  • Trim / Maker: E150
  • Odometer: 179k
  • Engine: 8 Cylinders
  • Transmission: Automatic

Ad Information

  • Ad Source: Craigslist
  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Contact Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: Not Provided
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More Details & Photos

Selling our beautiful, amazing, and loaded Camper Van! We just bought it at the beginning of summer, used it a half dozen times, fixed a bunch of stuff, and now have no really good way to store it, so we are passing it on to another lucky lucky owner.

“Sally” as she is affectionately called, runs extremely well.

The engine is recently tuned up and runs without a hitch. Transmission is also in great condition with no problems at all.

Brakes were replaced about 2 years ago and are still in extremely good condition, as the van has not been driven much.

Tires are in good condition and rear tires are brand new.

Interior is in good condition, and upholstery looks new.

Air conditioning recharged by myself this summer.

I installed rear view camera that is a lifesaver with something this big (19 feet long, 9 feet high)

Comes with amazing camper features: 3 burner propane stove, propane furnace, propane fridge (can do electric too but the knob is stuck on propane and I can’t change it. It runs on propane for months), Clean water tank for sink and toilet (yes there is a toilet!), grey water (sink) and black water (toilet) tanks for waste water, upper bunk for sleeping and couch in the back that also turns into a bed. Van sleeps 4 comfortably.

Some issues with her, as there would be with something this old and cheap:

-Drivers window doesnt roll down. Its a loose connection somewhere and I dont have the tools to look into it (a reoccurring theme you will see here.)

-Passenger door does not roll back up due to a faulty regulator. If you accidentally roll it down, you need to help it back up.

-The fresh water holding tank input hose has lightly disconnected and the couch top needs to be removed to tighten it back up (again, no tools to do this myself)

-Radio is installed but disconnected. Previous owner tried to upgrade the stereo himself and failed.

-One of the cabinet door clamps to the dresser doesnt hold the door closed anymore. I have velcro pieces that I was going to use to fix this but havent done so yet.

-Window in the bathroom does not open. It’s about $40 to replace it, and isnt important.

Things included with the camper:

-Foam mattress for the upper bunk sleeping area
-Pots, pans, cooking utensils, plates, cups, and other various kitchen stuff
-300watt inverter, extra battery for camper electronics separate from van engine battery.
-Air conditioning refill kit (no cans of Freon included, just the kit to add it)
-Various extras such as spare LED’s for the lights, oil, brake fluid, some other things kept for safety
-dust buster style 12v vacuum.
-Rear view camera with LCD monitor on rear view mirror

Please email if you have any questions or want to set a time to take a look at it.


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